053 - I’m Danny Bonaduce and I Will Box Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!


He was thrust into the limelight at a super young age, acting in tv commercials. He made his break thru as little brother, bass player Danny Partridge in the Partridge Family.

He studied karate under the living legend Chuck Norris and he featured those skills on several episodes of the television show CHiPs. He has several black belts and national championships.

After drugs took a toll on his bank account, he spent some time living in his car. After a radio interview he was offered gig as a DJ.

He boxed for a while. He boxed Barry Williams, TV’s Greg Brady. He boxed music’s own, the Stormin’ Mormon Donny Osmond. He fought to a draw against admitted steroid user from MLB, Jose Canseco and he is undefeated against trans prostitutes. Come on get happy, it the Ballad of bad boy Danny Boom-Boom Bonaduce.

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