039 - I’m Ol’ Dirty Bastard and I Ruined Welfare for Everyone in the US!


The son of a 911 Dispatcher and a New York City transit worker. He was one of 6 kids, but he regularly hung out with his cousins watching Kung-Fu movies. While regularly riding the train from Brooklyn to see their other cousin on Staten Island, the guys would make beats and write rhymes to pass the time. We learn that drugs from the city have an incredible markup on Staten Island and these three cousins can rap! After starting their 1st rap group the Force of the Imperial Master, aka the All In Together Crew, they do some re-brand and eventually re-form as the Wu-Tang Clan!

He's the only guy to take a limo to collect his welfare check, fresh off a Top 10 Hit. While on the run from the police during a Federal manhunt, he records some tracks to finish up an album and then snuck on stage for the group's release party, with 50 police just outside working crowd control. Hear about the time he saw a child get run-over by a car, so he ran to the street and lifted the car off her and saved her life.

Ben and I have sidebars on: the fighting abilities of Quentin Tarantino, how some people end up with screwed up names during the birthing process and we discuss the possible link between heavy cocaine usage and young people with heart attacks. Tune in your earholes to the Opera of ODB!

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